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Not Bad

It was okay, there arent that many jokes to be made about Kirby that haven't already been said; but this collab kept me entertained and thats whats important.

FlashfireEX responds:

Well I'm glad for that. :P


I think most people who watch this just jizzed, in, their pants.

haha yeah!

that was awesome! Can't wait for more....too bad that last scene wasn't uncensored ^_^

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awesome game, although it would be better if thre was more health


Awesome game, and if anyone has not already done this, then I have this to say: I cliam the title of the dude that beat every level :D


for a game with bad graphics, it is very addictive, and fun! good job!

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Just Fantastic

I remember back then when I listened to the first 3 parts of The Nintendo Concerto and thinking to myself, "man I wish there was more." Now here I am listening to what I think is the most awesome rendition of video game themes on piano, now I just gotta go listen to all the other ones! Awesome job dude.

*Thumbs up*


You got a great voice when it comes to this sort of thing, your voice reminds me very much of Rina-Chan. Anyway I could see you doing dubs for anime and whatnot. Funny enough though, I gave an 8/10 because I'm not fond of dubbed anime. That aside though, if I were able to make flash animations I would totally consider you for a role.

snowfender responds:

haha thanks? i don't like anime really either.

Pretty good

When I saw the reviews for this song, i noticed the majority of the ratings were 10. This is most likely because people are just rating 10 just because the song is by Kirbopher, but thats just what I think.

Anyway on to the song: Kirbopher's singing voice is not bad, but it's not the greatest, then again the voice fits the theme since he's ridiculing certain animes and video games. I guess its kinda like one of those things where "it's so bad that it's good".

Despite the mediocre singing, the song itself was pretty funny. Being a person who has watched/played some of the stuff mentioned in the song, it makes me laugh and feel good rather than making me scream in anger and feel like an offended fanboy.

All in all, it's a good song if you want a laugh. I guess if I were relate Kirbopher's singing to a real singer/band, then it would have to be Tenacious D.

So those are my thoughts, final score: 6.5 out of 10 (but we'll just round it off to 7).

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Damn! that looks awesome!

Wavechan responds:

Thank you :D

I'm just an average teenager, and I like newgrounds cause its cool and shit. I don't have the faintest idea of how to make flash animations/games, but I can voice act. So i hope that I will be able to be a voice actor for future works.

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